Looking for room in Cleveland

Looking for room in Cleveland

Postby Acharky » Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:16 pm

As the title suggests, I'm curious if any furrs in the Cleveland Ohio
area might be in need of a room mate or at the very least, can provide a
temporary place for me to stay until I can move into an apartment of my

To clarify: this isn't anything super urgent. Just I'm
applying for a programming position an IT recruiter recommended me to
that is in downtown Cleveland. It's good money and I have a shot to make
use of my college education for a real career. Thing is, the recruiter
recommended I stay at a local hotel then go back home on the weekends.
Here's the thing....

I live two and a half hours from Cleveland!

yeah, driving back and forth on the weekends isn't something I feel
like burning gas on. Plus staying at a hotel for eighty bucks a night
isn't ideal either despite how much I will be potentially making. Bare
in mind I still need to interview for the position and if I get it I
could be relocating. Again, this isn't some super urgent emergency or
anything but this could help if I get the job if I have a place to stay.

if there are any furrs in Cleveland Ohio area needing a room mate or
willing to put up with me temporarily until I have a place of my own,
I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks folks!
Acharky Fox
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