CH Meets or "Communication Hubs"(A Planned Idea)

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CH Meets or "Communication Hubs"(A Planned Idea)

Postby cjkrythos » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:11 pm

An idea I've been bouncing around about a way to host and join multiple meets, for the sake of people who don't want to travel as far, but still want to be involved in various meets. This would give people a way to interact with furs in their own closer-central area as well as giving you the chance to associate with furs in other areas outside certain central locations.

The idea was to have a handful(namely 2-3) of locations, hosted by specific furs who own or rent their own space, where furs who wanted to host a meet for furs local to their area, to come and socialize. Locations would be joined via a video or voice chat, where furs could talk to other hubs via said video or voice chat. Hosting a communication hub would mean you would have to be able to perform a few minor requirements.

1. Own or rent your own space, which should be able to handle a gathering of about 10 or more guests comfortably. Hosting from your parent's home means the hub exists only if your parents wish it to, so if they decide, they can end things, long before they should end, and for any reason. You should have legal rights to the entire domicile. This also means you should have adequate parking for a substantial gathering.
2. the presence of high-speed internet, preferably cable, to handle the requirements of having a long term video chat open for the better part of a day(up to 12 hours, but probably in the range of around 8 hours or less)
3. Hardware strong enough to handle the above-mentioned task with a camera and mic both in operation, so we can choose if to apply voice or video AND voice.
4. Ability of the host to avoid favoritism and similar treatment of any guests to said hub location, but also a willingness to keep order, if things start getting out of hand.

Additionally, on my end, I want to say that I'll be applying a clean slate policy for my meets, including the possible CH meets that I may host. This applies to everyone. If I may have had an issue with you in the past, This is a fresh start, and I want to give everyone the chance to reinvent their own image. Some of you may have been stuck with an image you cultivated due to bad choices, and some may have been circumstantial, but I believe we can move past all that, and try to start anew. Not everyone has to maintain a clean slate policy, but It's something I plan to do, and I hope to see some of you doing as well.
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