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Akron area movie meet

Postby cjkrythos » Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:13 pm

I'd like to start plans for a monthly movie outing in the Akron area, go to see movies at any of the below-listed theaters, because between the price differences and the options, this will mean cheaper tickets if we time and arrange the meet properly AND better-arranged movie options for our gatherings. If you want to discuss Cleveland area furry movie meets, please start another thread.

(For newer release movies) Tickets are half off on Sundays. If it will help with gas and travel costs, we can arrange carpools from Akron area up to Medina. Cleveland area furs should have less problem making that trip down
Regal Medina Stadium 16
200 W Reagan Pkwy,
Medina, OH 44256

(for older release movies, namely stuff that already has been, or i's about to be released in stores, but nobody has a copy yet)
Cinemark Movies 10
6284 Dressler Rd NW,
North Canton, OH 44720

- for summertime movie outings, we will have to carpool into the theater grounds with a mInivan full of furries(in or out of fursuit) to make the most of this
Magic City Drive-In
5602 S Cleveland Massillon Rd
Barberton, OH 44203

Movies we have a hard copy of, I'd be happy to host a movie showing of. I have full surround sound, 47" LCD and a blu-ray player. I'm hoping to upgrade the TV to a larger 3D LED TV sometime in the next year or so, but for now, the regular house expenses are plenty enough. I haven't gotten the house yet, but if all goes well, I should have a house ready for meets by the beginning of March, likely in the Akron area if the current deal continues as I hope it will. If we can't find movies to go see in theaters, and want to do something at my place, we also have the option of doing a themed-marathon. Below are a few ideas Ive had about what kinds of marathons we could do.

Movie/TV themes Id like to do a marathon of(3-4 movies at a time, no more)
- classic or modern scifi(A Doctor Who Marathon of Doctor Who episodes, various older classic scifi stuff, whatever strikes our fancy, Im up for anything)
- B-movies: I have fond memories of sitting around, watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I'd like to revive the fun. I have copies of most of the MST3K movies that came out over the years, and they are mostly all as bad as you'd imagine. Totally worth having a meet where we sit around and laugh as some of history's worse films.
- Zootopia anniversary meet(conceptually titled "The Evolution of the Fox" annual animated movie meet), we discussed having this meet at one person's house in Wooster, but due to the lack of interest in Wooster area meets, I'm opting to host it if I get my own place. The idea was an annual meet memorializing a few specific animated movies that developed the increasing interest in foxes, starting with movies like Robin Hood, and ending with Fantastic Mr Fox and Zootopia. I have no preferences to if we expand this to generally-furry related movies, but I thought for the first few gatherings, we'd stick to foxes in general, as the meet was going to be held on the anniversary of the release of Zootopia
- 80s or 90s era movies (themed marathon of specific classics.)
- Anime movies and Anime show marathons: Classic anime movies like Akira and Bagi-Monster of Mighty Nature, Hayao Miyazaki movies, Mamoru Hosoda movies(Summer Wars, Wolf Children, etc...), modern Anime films, you all are welcome to cast votes. I was hoping to do an 80s or 90s era anime marathon, starting with 3 episodes from each of the following shows, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Outlaw Star for a well-rounded scifi anime show marathon. We can do a marathon of fantasy shows if anyone wants to compile lists you'd like to see. I tended to watch more scifi animes than fantasy, but I'd be up for a marathon of One Piece and Fairy Tail.

Where we get copies of movies and TV episodes is entirely up to me, and anyone who wants to see a particular movie. I have a pretty substantial collection, and if I don't own it, we can either rent it, or stream it off Netflix without any trouble.

One condition to my hosting this meet, is if I host, people need to bring some food or drinks to supply the meet so I'm not stuck witht he burden of feeding however many hungry furries show up.

For those of you that get tired of particular movies, I hope to have a Pool table and a foosball table by the time I get into full swing of hosting this concept. Right now, I have to get the house and all the furniture and supplies that go with it.
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