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A Bear

Postby KermodeBear » Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:39 am

Since I set this thing up a while ago, I figure I might as well post a bit about myself.

I'm a Kermode Bear, Probably Older Than You and I work as a software engineer for a company out of Buffalo. I've considered myself to be a critter since I was very young and discovered the "Furry Community" sometime around 1996. So yes, I've been around a while, get off my lawn and all that. (o:

I bought a house a while ago and am in the process of fixing it up (I won't turn down offers of free labor, by the way). Once everything is settled I'd like to start hosting tabletop RPGs here with other critters - D&D/WhiteWolf/Pathfinder/Fudge/whatever. If you're interested let me know.

Other interests include prognostication (particularly Tarot), keeping up with current events and politics, craft beer, and animals. Back in 2015 I started making yearly pilgrimages to bear sanctuaries; if you like bears, here are some pictures. That's about it.
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Re: A Bear

Postby cjkrythos » Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:31 pm

Late reply, but better late than never :) Was gonna say you forgot to post your location, but then I noticed its in your profile. Madison, OH

Would be interested in RPG nights, and I was conceptualizing the idea of setting up a joint RPG meet over skype. For those furries from my area, who want to be involved in a meet happening up on the lake, but can't make the drive, I was going to set up a skype or video chat option, where they could join your game from down here, or your fur friends could join a game happening down here from up there. Obviously, we'd have to have both locations free and ready to host on the same dates to host said game, and internet would have to be stable enough to run a video chat for several hours, possibly all day, but I'm sure it would be conceivable. I'm going to call this concept the communication hub, and anyone interested in hosting one, should check the meets section of the forums. I'll post it there so as to not clog up Kermode's introduction thread with a separate discussion.
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